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Old 01-28-2014, 05:39 AM
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About Ultra Recall by a user

Having just been using it continuously over the last few hours I feel impelled to message in to say how impressed I am by Ultra Recall.

I have been using Ultra Recall for around 4 years or so. During that timeI have played around with other personal document management applications, each with their own particular strengths, but I keep coming back to Ultra Recall as being the most flexible and powerful application which is also configurable closely to my needs.

Given its merits I feel the system is undersold. Perhaps there are two things which affect its use by newcomers.

Firstly I feel the user interface is now somewhat dated though I admit it has extensive configuration abilities built in. I would nevertheless welcome the ability to better customise font colours, pane background colours and so forth. I would like it to look more attractive. Perhaps a visual design expert might be called for - my apologies if there is one!

Secondly I think that taken as whole the user manual is excellent once one has a grasp of its 202 pages. it seems to have everything covered. However I feel a newcomer could be put off by it. For example it is 22 pages into the 'Getting Started' chapter by the time you actually get to the heading 'Creating an Info Database' (and by the way someone reading the manual without seeing the application might be misled by the word 'database'). Before then you are encouraged or disencouraged to get started by being told the minutiae of 'attributes' and other (admittedlt valuable) features of the application. I am sure that some attention to the manual would be helpful to newcomers.

Though it is not fundamental to the application - and to mention it runs the risk of underemphasising other powerful features - I have to say my favourite feature is the 'Title Expessions' facility. This automatically titles an 'item' according to its attributes.

Though I don't contribute to this Forum I do see that queries are promptly replied to by Kinook and this too is appreciated.

So good luck to Ultra REcall!

Best wishes, John M.
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