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Old 03-02-2006, 06:43 PM
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Viewing and editing documents in Ultra Recall

There are effectively three categories of documents stored or linked in Ultra Recall: stored or linked text or rich text documents, Microsoft Office documents, and all other documents. Different capabilities and rules apply to viewing and editing each document category.

Text and rich text documents: Ultra Recall by default uses its Rich Text Editor to display and edit these documents. For rtf content, a Formatting Toolbar and matching menu items (along with context menu support) provides extensive editing support. Some advanced rtf features (such as tables, special indenting, etc) are not supported, however; several other options exist (which are documented here )to accomplish advanced rtf editing.

Microsoft Office documents: If you have the respective Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel, Visio, etc) installed on your pc, Ultra Recall can either launch stored (or linked) documents in this application, either externally, or even internally within Ultra Recall.

Externally: this works the same as third document category, and is described below.

Internally: Microsoft Office applications can be hosted inside of Internet Explorer, and since IE can itself be hosted in the Item Details pane of Ultra Recall, allows these applications to be used in Ultra Recall to edit stored Office documents. The way to configure UR to use the respective Office document internally is by adding the appropriate file extension to the File extensions to display in internal browser view: list on the Browser tab of the Options Dialog (found at Tools | Options on the menu). You will also need to ensure that File extensions to open stored documents writeable: list on the Documents tab of the same dialog contains the appropriate file extension so the created temp file will be writeable as well.

All other documents: All stored (or linked) documents can be viewed and edited externally (if you have an application installed which can edit and/or view the file type) by using the Open Document (Ctrl+J) command, which creates a temp file (for stored documents), then lauches the url (or created temp file) in the associated application installed on your pc. If the file extension of the file is in the File extensions to open stored documents writeable: list on the Documents tab of the Option Dialog (see above), then the temp file for stored documents will be read/write, which will allow the document to be edited.

After the external document editing is completed, save the changes (the easiest is to close the application, saving the changes when prompted), then refocus Ultra Recall and navigate to a different Info Item. Ultra Recall will detect the temp file has changed, and will update the related Info Item to store the changes you saved. It is also acceptable to edit several Info Items externally, Ultra Recall will check for any updated external files and update all of them when UR is shutdown.
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