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Old 12-30-2005, 11:01 AM
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Version 1.4

Released on December 30, 2005

New Features & Enhancements

  • Outlook integration: copy, link, move, and synchronize Outlook messages, contacts, appointments, tasks, and notes into Ultra Recall using drag/drop, copy/paste, or Outlook toolbar.
  • Alarms/ticklers/reminders/recurring appointments (via Appointment template, Item | Add Reminder menu item or Alt+X).
  • Internet Explorer / Maxthon toolbar for importing into UR.
  • Document Firefox integration.
  • Persist OLE embedded viewer toolbar configuration (such as Word toolbars when editing .doc files inside of Ultra Recall).
  • Allow Microsoft Word (in the internal browser view) to edit Text Info Items and rich text documents (by adding .rtf to 'Tools | Options | Browser | File extensions to display in internal browser view').
  • Support external editing of Text and derived Info Items (Item | Open Document or Ctrl+J).
  • Import enhancements: 1) option to detect duplicate URLs and link/skip instead (Tools | Options | Import (More)); 2) stopping import of multiple items keeps everything imported so far; 3) option to auto skip unreachable URLs (Tools | Options | Import (More)).
  • Synchronization enhancements: 1) re-synchronize external folder contents by re-importing the folder into UR; 2) support multiple selection; 3) support re-keywording of Text and derived items.
  • Drag/drop reordering of sibling items in tree (by holding Shift down while dragging among siblings).
  • Customization of keyboard shortcuts (Tools | Customize | Keyboard).
  • Persist rich text editor scroll position and selection on forward/back.
  • Add option to wrap cell text (Tools | Options | Grids).
  • Add option to auto-collapse other siblings when sibling expanded via Enter, double-click on icon/text, or when going to an item from favorites, other panes, etc. (Tools | Options | Trees).
  • Add option to disable bolding of the selected item (Tools | Options | Grids).
  • Add Insert Sibling drop-down menu/shortcut for templates (Tree | Insert Sibling, right-click | Insert Sibling, and Alt+Shift+Insert).
  • Support printing of item notes.
  • Open containing folder items with a local URL (Item | Open Containing Folder or Ctrl+W).
  • Omit seconds from time and date+time formatting.
  • Support space bar when editing date, date/time, and time properties to toggle between null and non-null.
  • Display more templates in the Insert Child menu.
  • Export of documents sets file modification timestamps to item modification date.
  • Support OPML (XML) export (by deselecting all attributes).
  • Font combo now keyboard-savvy.

    Bug fixes

  • Send To from Windows Explorer did not work for multiple selection.
  • Matches Wildcard searches on Item Title/Parent Title did not match attribute value correctly.
  • Pasting page selection copied from FireFox 1.5 did not work properly.
  • Do not include collapsed items in typing searches in trees.
  • Toolbar and/or menu modifications sometimes not saved.
  • Window menu sometimes stops populating.
  • Merging rich text items did not work with embedded RTF Document Info Items.
  • Fix for some users seeing UR starting minimized even though that option is disabled.
  • Deleting all rich text content (item details or RTF) resulted in leaving related keywords.
  • Fix to error loading detail view for some imported HTML documents.
  • ActionOutline import did not import all notes.
  • Fix for 'unexpected error' on startup that occurred for some users.
  • Fix local http anchor links (http::// to work properly in internal browser.
  • Context menus shown via keyboard displayed in wrong position if mouse cursor on different monitor.
  • Truncate to maximum shortcut filename length and remove invalid filename characters when creating desktop shortcuts for items.
  • Going to a favorite always expands it even if expand on goto option unchecked if item was moved after creating the favorite.
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