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File Extension Lists

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Several Options Dialog tabs contain lists of file extensions.  These file extension lists use a specific format and follow a few additional guidelines that are important to understand.


Format: Each File Extension List is semicolon-delimited (with no spaces needed between extensions and extensions include the leading . character).  For example, .txt;.rtf;.ini;.reg;.bat;.cmd;.csv


Several extensions reference more than just their actual extension, but rather a type of file:

.txt: matches any file that contains plain text
.rtf: matches any file that contains rich text (rtf)
.htm: matches any file that uses the html format
.xml: matches any file that contains valid xml
.ppt: matches any extension that is a valid Powerpoint document
.eml: matches any file that uses the MIME format (such as Outlook Express emails)
.msg: matches Outlook email messages
*folder: adding this extension to the File extensions to display in the internal browser view: list on the Browser Options tab will cause folder Info Items with a valid folder URL to display the actual contents of the folder in the internal browser view