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Ultra Recall supports hoisting of the Data Explorer pane to temporarily limit the tree display tree to a subset of the entire tree hierarchy in the database.  The tree can also be unhoisted to show the entire tree again.  Any item except the root My Data item can be hoisted.


Hoisting and unhoisting are accessed via the Tree menu, toolbar, or keyboard shortcuts.  To hoist, choose Tree | Hoist on the menu.  If the root item of the tree is not the My Data item (house icon), the tree is hoisted.  Use Tree | Unhoist on the menu bar to show the entire tree, or use Go | Up On Level to unhoist one level.  If an item outside of the hoisted tree is navigated to, the tree will be unhoisted automatically.


Each tab can be hoisted to a different location, and hoists are persisted between sessions.


An option is also available to automatically hoist a Favorite when opening it.


Note: Available in Professional edition only.