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Search Synchronization

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Folder Synchronization and Outlook Synchronization provide mechanisms to synchronize folders of files or objects in Ultra Recall.  This allows you to link a folder, such as your Outlook Inbox or the My Documents folder, within Ultra Recall and periodically synchronize.  Since the synchronization is two-way, changes made either in Ultra Recall or Outlook are handled, allowing you to make changes in either application.


Another method of Synchronization is Search Synchronization, which provides uni-directional synchronization (from Ultra Recall only).  This allows you to organize Info Items as desired within Ultra Recall, yet synchronize them to a single external location (such as your Outlook Calendar or a local folder).  You can use a combination of Folder/Outlook Synchronization and Search Synchronization to best meet your specific needs.


Search Synchronization works very similar to Folder and Outlook Sync, except that the URL attribute of a search must reference a local folder or Outlook folder (respectively).  When the Search item is synced, the search is executed and the items located by the search are synchronized to the folder location specified by the Search Item's URL attribute.


Note that if an Info Item listed in the search results already has a valid, populated URL attribute value, the Info Item will be synced to this existing location and not to the location specified by the Search Info Item's URL attribute.  To export the search results to a specific location, instead use the Export Wizard.


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