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Exporting to XML

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One of the export options provided in Ultra Recall is XML export.  The actual type of data exported is OPML.


The information that can be exported to OPML includes:

All attribute values and meta data
Assigned icon
Assigned flag
Logical Linkage hierarchy
Stored or linked documents (reference in the xml to the exported file in a subfolder)
Item Notes (saved in the same manner as stored documents)


Steps to export all Ultra Recall data to XML (OPML):

Start the Export Wizard
Select Items to an XML (OPML) file as the Output Type
Leave all attributes/data selected (or click Check All to reselect them all) on the Select Attributes page
Enter or browse to a filename and location to export to
To convert the XML output to HTML format, select the desired conversion in the HTML conversion field.
Click the Finish button


Steps to export all Ultra Recall data to HTML:

Start the Export Wizard
Select Documents and rich text items to HTML as the Output Type
Enter or browse to a folder to export to
Click the Finish button



The HTML conversion options and output are defined by the subfolders and files within the Export folder in the Ultra Recall installation folder.  The output and formatting can be modified by editing these files (requires knowledge of XSLT and HTML), and additional conversion choices can be defined by creating additional subfolders and related files.  Within a folder, the XSLT file defines a stylesheet to apply to the exported XML file, an empty file specifies the name of the output file to be created when applying the stylesheet (defaults to export.html if no empty file is found), and any other files will be copied to the export folder.
If all attributes are unchecked on the Select Attributes page of the Export Wizard when exporting XML, strict OPML format will be exported (some applications do not support additional elements such as item tags used when exporting attributes when importing OPML).


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