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Build Logging

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Build activity, including the output from each step, is logged in the Output pane or console and to a log file if file logging is enabled (depending on the log message level, logging options, and step output options).


The Output pane can be scrolled manually to view any output that has scrolled off the screen.  The output for the selected step, or the step for selected output, can be quickly navigated to using the Go | Step Output menu item.


All build output can also be logged to a text or XML file. File logging can be enabled or disabled on a global, project, or build basis:

Global: Configured by enabling logging in Application Options (creates a global LOGFILE macro).
Project: Specified for a given project in the Project Properties dialog (creates a project LOGFILE macro; takes precedence over global settings for that project).
Build: By passing in a temporary LOGFILE macro on the command-line (takes precedence over global or project settings for that run).



To disable logging, specify an empty string for the log filename.
When logging to an XML file, the Transform XML Log action can be used to convert the log to an HTML report, RSS feed, etc.
See the Logging.bld sample for more details.