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Copy and Paste

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Visual Build supports clipboard operations in the following ways:


To copy the selection in the step properties or macro properties dialog with macros expanded, type Ctrl+M.  To copy with macros and script expanded, type Ctrl+Shift+M.


Select one or more steps or macros and copy (Ctrl+C) or cut (Ctrl+X) them to the clipboard.  The selected items are copied to the clipboard in text format as XML.  If a selected step is collapsed, its child steps are also copied or cut.


Steps or macros on the clipboard can be pasted (Ctrl+V) into other step or macro positions within the same or other instances of Visual Build.  Steps are inserted after the selected step when pasting; if a macro of the same name and type already exists, the copied macro's name is suffixed with " - Copy x" to make it unique.


Copy an action from the Actions pane and paste it into a step pane to create a new step for the action.


Items placed on the clipboard can also be pasted into other applications such as text editors or email applications, and then pasted back into instances of Visual Build.


The contents of (the entire file or individual steps or macros) Visual Build project files can also be copied from a text editor into instances of Visual Build.