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Make VB6 Action Options Tab

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This tab of the Make VB6 action configures additional options.


Create .bak file when updating project file: If checked, the previous version of the project file will be renamed to .vbp.bak before updating properties, versions, base address, target directory, debug info, compatibility settings, or references in the project file.  If this option is unchecked, no backup copy of the project file will kept when updating.


Do not use temporary copy of project file for building: If unchecked, the original project file will be copied to a temporary tmp~~original.vbp file and that copy will be used to build (so that building will work even if the original project file is open in the VB6 IDE).  If this option is checked, the original .vbp file will be built instead.


Additional Command-Line Options: This action invokes the VB command-line program to perform the builds, and this option can be used to specify additional flags to pass to the tools.  For instance, the VB compiler supports a /D flag to specify conditional compilation constants.  Details on the VB syntax are available here.  The values entered in this field are passed through directly to the command-line program.


Override default VB compiler location: If left blank, the action will automatically locate the VB6 command-line compiler by looking for this registry entry: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VisualBasic.Project\shell\Make\command\ and extracting out the exe filename. By providing a full path and filename for this field, that executable will be used instead.