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Add/Remove Toolbar Buttons

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It is very simple to add or remove buttons from an existing Toolbar in Ultra Recall.


You can directly add/remove/reset the buttons displayed for Toolbars by clicking the Down Arrow at the right end of each Toolbar.


You can also add and/or remove Toolbar buttons while the Customize Dialog is displayed.


To remove an existing Toolbar button:
1.Click and drag the button to remove onto the Customize Dialog.  When you drop the button, it will be removed from the Toolbar


To add a new button to an existing Toolbar:
1.Click the Commands tab of the Customize Dialog:




2.Select (click on) the Category of the command you want to add (use All Commands if unsure)
3.Drag the Command desired from the Commands list (in the Customize Dialog) onto the Toolbar you wish to add it to.