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General Options

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The General tab of the Options dialog contains several settings that affect features common to the entire Ultra Recall application:



Run Ultra Recall when Windows starts:  If checked, Ultra Recall will be started when Windows starts (it will open the last Info Database previously closed).


Minimize application window at startup:  If checked, Ultra Recall will always start up minimized.  Either a task bar entry or a system tray icon will be displayed (depending on whether the Minimize to system tray box is checked or not).



Windows taskbar entries: Determines whether one Windows taskbar icon is displayed for all open databases or one for each open database (the default depends on whether the Database toolbar is displayed).


Show application icon in system tray:  If checked, an application icon will be displayed in the system tray for each open Info Database.


Minimize to system tray:  If checked, no task bar entry will be displayed when the application is minimized, but rather just a tray icon.

Note: this check box is only enabled when the Show application icon in system tray checkbox is checked.


Close button minimized application window: If checked, the application will minimize instead of close when the Close button (upper right corner) is clicked.


Esc minimizes application window: If checked, pressing the Esc key while any part of the Ultra Recall application is focused will minimize that instance of Ultra Recall.


Reload selection and tabs from last database session: If checked, all previously loaded tabs, hoisting, and selected items will be reloaded when a database is reopened (uncheck to disable this globally, or hold down Shift while opening a database to bypass just for that database).



Activation hot key: Choose a combination of simultaneously depressed keys to activate Ultra Recall (defaults to Shift+Win+Z).  Whenever the keys defined are depressed simultaneously from any active application, Ultra Recall will be activated.