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While the Default Layout of Ultra Recall displays all the Toolbars and Panes that are available, the entire application (including most Panes*) can be highly customized to suit your particular needs.


Panes can be configured in a manner similar to Toolbars (repositioned and/or undocked), but the repositioning is even more flexible and sophisticated, with the additional features of Resizing, Auto Hide, maximizing, and restoring also available.



Customizations should be performed with only one database open, and exit and restart Ultra Recall after customizing.
Pane customizations are stored in the user's application data folder (%APPDATA%\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall or C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall). To reset all pane customizations to their defaults, exit Ultra Recall and delete all Layout*.dat files in the above folder.


* Every Pane except the Item Details Pane can be Auto hidden, Undocked and/or Closed.