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How can I send the entire log file from a build?

The LOGFILE macro can be used to send the build log file, but Visual Build caches writing to the log file by default (1 second/1000 messages), so messages logged within the last second might not be included in the attached file. To ensure that the entire log file is sent, you can either flush the cache to disk, disable caching, or pause the build before sending the log file.

1) To force all log output to be flushed to the log file, check the Flush cached output to log file on the More tab of the step.

2) To disable log file caching, add a Run Script action to set these Visual Build application options to 0 (depending on whether text or XML logging is being used):

Application.Options.TextLoggerCacheMessages = 0
Application.Options.TextLoggerCacheSeconds = 0

Application.Options.XMLLoggerCacheMessages = 0
Application.Options.XMLLoggerCacheSeconds = 0

3) To pause the build, either configure the step that sends the log file to 'Pause 1 seconds before' on the General tab, or add a Wait step to wait 1 second.
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