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Step Properties Dialog More Tab

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The More tab of the Step Properties dialog is used to configure additional common step properties.


Description: A description of the step (optional).  It will also be displayed in a tool tip in the Step pane when the mouse is over the Step Name column.


Disable logging of action output: If checked, any logging the step's action performs (to a file or the Output pane) will be ignored and not logged.


Flush cached output to log file: If checked, any cached log file output will be logged to disk when the step starts.



Error level messages will still be logged even if this option is checked.
Logging from any of the step's script events will not be suppressed.
The LASTSTEP_OUTPUT macro will contain any output logged by the action even when this option is checked.



On Step Failure


This section of the step properties dialog can be used to configure the action(s) to perform if the step fails to build. It provides flexibility for handling error conditions within a build.


Retry x times, pausing y seconds: Specifies how many times to retry building the step if it fails to build and a pause between retries (optional).


Note: While retrying, the current retry number will be stored in the FAILSTEP_RETRY temporary macro.


Build failure steps: If this item is checked, the specified Failure steps subroutine (or all failure steps if blank) will be built if this step fails to build.


Stop / Continue / Exit subroutine/build: Determines the action to take after building any failure steps (if specified above). Stop causes the build to stop (and exit if building with the Console app or the GUI app if launched from the command-line with the silent flag); Continue causes the build to continue processing any remaining steps; and Exit returns from a subroutine or aborts the build if not in a subroutine.



Terminate action if not completed after x seconds: If a non-zero value is specified and the action has not completed within that number of seconds, the build component will attempt to terminate the action.  The build status of the step will be Terminated.


Note: Termination of an action will succeed only if the action periodically checks or waits on the CancelEvent property (this is automatic for the built-in actions and user actions that call RunProgramEx).