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Ultra Recall options registry entries

Several of the Ultra Recall options that are not configurable from the Tools | Options dialog are documented here. The below ZIP file contains registry files to update the settings. Extract and double-click a .reg file in Explorer to change the related setting, then restart UR to use the updated setting. True/false settings have an EnableSetting.reg and DisableSetting.reg file, and the rest have a SetSetting.reg file. To go back to the default setting, delete the associated registry value via RegEdit.

Note: DWORD values in the .reg file must be specified as hexadecimal. To convert from decimal to hex, use the Windows Calculator, Programmer mode. Or edit the value in the Registry Editor, checking the Decimal option.

Click to Download ZIP File

AutoResizeIcons -- If DPIAware is enabled, this option determines whether toolbar buttons will be sized to fit higher DPI display modes. Default = disabled.

BrowserAgentString -- Specifies the browser user agent that is sent in HTTP requests when importing web pages. SetBrowserAgentIE11.reg sets the agent to Internet Explorer 11. Change the value in the .reg file with a text editor to set it to a different version. SetBrowseAgentDefault.reg restores the default user agent (IE11). See for some other values.

CanInsertDocumentTemplate -- Determines whether the Document template is shown in the list of templates when inserting items (Tree | Insert Child or Tree | Insert Sibling). Default = disabled

CopyFormFieldSeparator -- Specifies the character or string to separate form field values when copying (Edit | Copy Form with focus on a form). Default = tab (\t)

CopyGridFieldSeparator -- Specifies the character or string to separate grid values when copying (Edit | Copy Grid Values with focus in Child Items pane or Edit | Copy All Attributes with Item Attributes pane focused). Default = tab (\t)

DeleteOnDropMove -- When dragging and dropping to other applications (for instance, Windows Explorer), if the dropping application indicates that it supports moving, the default drag behavior (or with Shift held down) deletes the dragged items in UR after dropping. Disable this option to prevent deleting on drop.

DisableLeftMouseButtonDrag -- Disables dragging in the tree with the left mouse button. Right-drag will still be enabled. Default = enabled (0)

DisableUndoRedo -- see

DisableExportEmptyFile -- see

DPIAware -- If enabled, disables scaling of application windows. If disabled, allows Windows to scale the window contents. Restart Windows or logoff after changing the display settings in order for this to take effect. Default = enabled.

ExtKeyword -- Determines which file extensions are parsed for text content (for search indexing) when importing via drag/drop, copy/paste, or browser extensions. Default = .txt;.rtf;.doc;.docx;.xls;.xlsx;.xlt;.ppt;.pttx;.h tm;.html;.eml;.nws;.msg;.mht;.xml;.pdf;.tif;.tiff; .zip

FormFieldAutoComplete -- Determines whether an auto-completion listed is displayed (in addition to the field's drop-down list) when typing in a form field with list values. Default = enabled

FormLabelWidth -- Sets the width of label controls on forms. Edit the .reg file in a text editor and specify the width. Default = 60 (decimal)

IEBrowserEmulation -- Sets the version of Internet Explorer that UR's internal browser should emulate when displaying web pages. IE11BrowserEmulation.reg sets the version to Internet Explorer 11. Change the value in the .reg file with a text editor to set the browser agent to a different value (see for more details). IEBrowserEmulationDefault.reg restores the default value (IE11).

IncludeItemTitleOnJoin -- Determines whether item titles are included in the joined text when joining via Item | Join. Default = enabled

KeepAccessDateOnCopy -- Determines whether the Date Accessed attribute from the original item is set on the new item when copying. Default = enabled

KeepCreateDateOnCopy -- Determines whether the Date Created attribute from the original item is set on the new item when copying. Default = enabled

LockedTitlePrefix -- Specifies the prefix added to the item title caption on the detail pane when a tab's title is locked (Tab | Lock Title). Edit the .reg file in a text editor to change the prefix. Default = "* "

MaxCharsForItemTitle -- The maximum length to use for the item title when importing documents or splitting items. Default = 75

MaxDocumentsReopen -- The maximum number of databases to reopen from the previous session (that were open while exiting via File | Exit) when restarting UR. Change the value in the .reg file to the desired amount with a text editor. Use a value of 0 to always start UR without opening any databases. Default = 9

MaxFormDropDownValues -- The maximum number of items to load into a drop-down list of attribute values on a form or the Item Attributes pane. Default is 5000 (decimal).

MaxQuickSearch -- The number of items in the Quick Search drop-down list. Default is 50 (decimal).

MaxTreeHeight -- The maximum height in pixels of a tree or list row. Default is 0 (decimal). Minimum supported value is 17. A value between 17 and 19 (decimal) will reduce the tree row height, larger than 20 (decimal) will increase the tree row height.

MaxTypedURLs -- The number of items in the address bar drop-down list. Default is 50 (decimal).

OpenDocumentOnDoubleClick -- Whether double-clicking on a document item opens the document externally (equivalent to Item | Open Document). Default = enabled

RefreshOnPasteImage -- see

RestoreFocusDelay -- After loading a web page or web page document, the delay (in milliseconds) after which to restore focus if Tools | Options | Browser | Prevent browser window from stealing focus is not set to Never. Default = 250 (decimal)

RichEditSmoothScroll -- Determines whether smooth scrolling in the text editor will be implemented by Ultra Recall (disabled) or the MS rich edit control (enabled). Default = disabled

SearchComboWidth -- Width of the Search combo in the toolbar. Default = 150 (decimal)

SearchNonAsciiTextNonCaseSensitive -- Whether to store and search indexed text in lowercase so that text searches for non-ASCII (Unicode) text will be non-case-sensitive. Default = enabled. Note: New to v6.2 -- disable this option to revert to the old behavior.

SelChangeDelay -- The amount of time to wait after selecting an item to load all related pane information (milliseconds). Default = 295 (decimal)

SelectChildLinkOnParentGoto -- Whether to select the previously selected child item in the Child Items pane after going to a parent item in the tree via the Item Parents pane. Default = enabled

ShowFullPathInTab -- When displaying a linked file in the detail pane, whether to show the full path to the item in the tab title. Default = disabled

SingleUserMode -- see

SortDateNumericInTree -- see

DateTruncateDelimiters -- If SortDateNumeric in tree is enabled (see above), this option can be used to specify characters to look for and truncate a string value before parsing the date value for sorting. For example, "–" to truncate the title from strings like "1/13/2015 10:15 PM – Phone call to Dave". Use DisableDateTruncateDelimiters.reg to disable, or modify EnableDateTruncateDelimiters.reg with the desired delimiter character(s), then double-click the .reg file and restart UR. See

StartupMinimizeTime -- The amount of item to wait before minimizing if Tools | Options | General | Minimize application window at startup is checked. The default is 2000 (decimal); if it takes longer to start and load, the minimize option will be ignored. Increase this value in a text editor for a longer delay before minimizing.

SyncDirection -- Determines the behavior of file and folder synchronization. The default is 7 (two-way). 1 = one-way (file system => UR), 4 = one-way (UR => file system)

SynchronousLevel -- see

TextEditorTabStop -- The width of tab stop sizes when editing text files in the text editor. Does not apply to rich text items and files (set at Format | Tabs). Default = 500 (decimal)

UseImportedFileTimeStamp -- When importing files, determines whether to use the imported file's timestamps or the current time for Date Created, Date Access, and Date Modified attributes. Default = enabled

UseSearchCache -- Whether to cache search results for faster reloading of search items. When a search if first executed, the results are cached until the search item is modified, and loading from the cache will avoid the overhead of the performing the original search query. The cache is not cleared when other items are modified (which could affect the results of the search), so the results could become stale. Default = disabled

UseSharedImages -- Whether to use shared images within Ultra Recall menus, toolbars, and panes. Enabling uses fewer resources, disabling may reduce UR startup time. Default = enabled

XMLExportRTFAsHTML -- see
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