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Favorites Dialog

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Favorites are a handy feature in Ultra Recall providing quick access to your most-used Info Items.





From this dialog you can add the Info Item currently selected in this Info Database, assign a shortcut to your favorites, rearrange or add separators between favorites, and delete one or all favorites currently assigned.


Click on the Shortcut cell for a favorite (or press F2 or F4) to change the shortcut for the selected favorite.
Click the Separator checkbox (or press Space bar) to add or remove a separator before the selected favorite.
Click the Toolbar checkbox to add or remove the selected favorite from the Favorites toolbar.


The buttons on the right side of the dialog provide access to all Favorites related features:

OK: Accept all changes made to favorites.
Cancel: Discard all changes made to favorites.
Go: Navigate to the selected favorite Info Item (in a new tab if the New tab checkbox is checked).
Add: Add the selected Info Item as a new favorite.

Note: this button is only enabled if the current Info Item is not already a favorite).


Move Up: Move the selected favorite up in the list.
Move Down: Move the selected favorite down in the list.
Delete: Clicking this button or pressing Delete will delete the selected favorite from the list.
Delete All: Delete all favorites currently defined.



Delete and Delete All will only delete the Info Item as a favorite and will not delete the actual Info Item.
The state of the New tab checkbox also affects whether a favorite will open in a new tab when selected from the Favorites menu, toolbar, or keyboard.