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Firefox Integration

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Mozilla Firefox toolbar buttons and context menu entries are provided to quickly and easily import the current web page, a selected web snippet or even all tabs from Mozilla Firefox directly into Ultra Recall.


Toolbar buttons                                                  



Context menu (available from a right click)



Copy to Ultra Recall: Clicking this button or context menu entry will create a new Info Item in Ultra Recall, storing the entire web page* (or only the selected part of the web page if part or all (Ctrl+A) of it is selected first).

Link in Ultra Recall: Clicking this button or context menu entry will create a new Info Item for the current web page*, as a link to the actual url.


Note: Selecting part or all of the web page before importing may be needed when importing a secure page (for instance, an order receipt page) or a page behind a login so that the already-loaded page gets stored instead of attempting to retrieve the page again online.


* Holding down the Shift key when clicking either button will create a separate Info Item for each tab in this instance of Firefox, either linked or stored depending on which button is clicked.


Installation (use one of these two methods):

Check the "Install Firefox/Thunderbird/Postbox toolbar extensions" checkbox during installation of Ultra Recall (note: the method will also install to the default user profile).
Navigate to with Firefox and click the link to install the Firefox extension.


What if the toolbar buttons aren't displayed in Mozilla Firefox: When installed, the extension attempts to add two toolbar buttons on the default Navigation Toolbar.

1) In Firefox, ensure the Mail Toolbar is displayed (View | Toolbar, ensure Navigation Toolbar is checked)

2) Again in Firefox, use the following procedures to move the toolbar buttons from the toolbar palette to the desired toolbar

  a) Click View | Toolbars | Customize

  b) Drag the desired Ultra Recall toolbar buttons from the dialog to the desired toolbar

  c) Click Done



Firefox 1.5+
Ultra Recall 3.1+


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