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Firefox, Netscape, or Mozilla bookmarks

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You can easily import your Firefox, Netscape or Mozilla bookmarks using the Import Dialog.


Just open the Import Dialog, choose Firefox, Netscape or Mozilla bookmarks, then click Next, the following entry field will be displayed:


Bookmarks file to import: Manually enter or select a path using the EllipseButton button to a Firefox, Netscape or Mozilla bookmarks file.  As the caption states, you can also use drag & drop or copy & paste to specify a different Favorites folder to import.



Recreate bookmark hierarchy in Ultra Recall: Uncheck this box (checked by default) to create a flat list of Info Items for each bookmark instead of recreating the hierarchy of the original bookmarks.


Store web page contents in Ultra Recall: Check this box (unchecked by default) to store the actual web pages associated with the bookmarks in Ultra Recall.  Leaving it unchecked will create Info Items linked (only) to the web page URL.

Note: The following checkbox is only enabled when the Store web page contents in Ultra Recall box is checked.


Delete bookmark file to Recycle Bin after import: Check this box to delete the source bookmarks.html file after the contents have been moved into Ultra Recall (not checked by default).


Do not process documents for text, summary or icon information: Check this box to prevent any data from being retrieved when importing your bookmarks.  This will prevent any text or summary attributes from being retrieved and the resulting Info Items will use the default icon (instead of retrieving any related icon information).


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Note: the Firefox extension can also be used to import web pages from Firefox.