What Customers Say About Visual Build

"Kudos for Visual Build Professional - I have absolutely no idea what I did before I had it. It really is the most useful piece of software I have on my PC. I use it every single day for something!"

-- Mitchell Vincent
K Software

"This tool has saved me so much time and I have only been using it for 3 days...The best money I have ever spent."

-- Steven Williams
Britannic Retirement Solutions

"Visual Build is absolutely our best utility software purchase ever!"

-- Phil C.

"I absolutely LOVE this product. It is very easy to use, yet extremely powerful."

-- Mark Cary
Perot Systems

"I've been using Visual Build for almost 10 years and it continues to do everything we need it to do. It's cost effective, saves a lot of time, and the Help and Support are outstanding!"

-- Matt Walker
Synergis Software

"This thing is awesome! I was going the open source Nant way but after I built my scripts and got the latest version, everything had broke. The samples you sent made things a breeze to setup. Thank you very very very very very very very much!!"

-- Scott Densmore
Retail Vision Systems

"I can't imagine going back to a time without Visual Build."

-- Phil Cinquanti
Community Computer Service

"All I can say is Wow! What a tool! I had allocated 3 days to building batch files to accomplish the same thing, but w/o near the elegance. We did it in 1/2 day [with VBP]."

-- Ted Macy
MapShots, Inc.

"We couldn't live without Visual Build, it is seriously used for so many things in our development and deployment operations."

-- Kevin Jackson
Powerway, Inc.

"Thanks again for a great product. I inherited a large legacy project with all the usual grief, and your program has made my life much, much simpler."

-- Bill Whitford  

"I just wanted to thank you guys for fixing this so quickly and building such a great product. Iíve been using Visual Build Professional for almost 2 years now and I have to say this is one of the very best purchases our company has ever made!"

-- Dave Novak

"Visual Build Professional is AWESOME! Tremendous upgrade to an already good product. VBP will enable us to finally COMPLETELY automate our build process, saving us money and helping us maintain our ISO9000 certification!!"

-- Dennis Castaldi
Manhattan Associates

"VisBuildPro is totally cool. I've been able to interactively build up a reliable daily build of a very complex system (multi-platform, Java, COM, client/server, USB drivers). If I was stuck in batch mode [like every other freaking project I've worked on], instead of VisBuildPro, I'd be nowhere near as far along as I am now.

-- Doug Schmidt
Creo Inc.

"Visual Build is a truly brilliant app...makes my life so much easier. My current project has 310 project files (.dsp and .vbp) amounting to over eight thousand source files in 1200-odd directories and requires 17 GBytes of disk space to compile! Not something that I would like to manage manually."

-- Danny P.  

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR SOFTWARE! This is the best software I have found to help organize projects, etc., and I have tried almost all of the ones available over the years."

-- Mike Vandling
Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs

"Let me say that Visual Build Pro is by far one of the best tools I've ever invested in...I was able to completely automate the building of my VB project tree, regardless of whether binary compatibility was in synch or not. It has turned out to be a great time saver...Thanks very much for a great product!"

-- Shawn Bradley
Sunergeo Systems, Inc.

"Visual Build has saved me huge amounts of time in the creation of overnight build scripts that can easily be restarted. The tech support is far better than that of the most expensive software development products."

-- Malcolm Stitt
e-xchange Advantage

"Visual Build is one of the best tools you could ever purchase."

-- Mike Sly
ExpressClose Corp.

"In general Visual Build Pro is an excellent product and the support is the best I have ever seen anywhere! ... If you need any sort of build management or similar system then VBP is it.

-- Peter Jaquiery
ADInstruments Ltd.

"You won't believe how valuable your tool has turned out to be! I can't imagine working without it!"

-- Shaun Dicker
Intervate Ltd.

"I love your product and it's saved me so much time I can't even count it."

-- Jeff Foege
Research Systems, Inc.

"I want to point out that your examples are very helpful. Many tool vendors make great products, but make it difficult to get off the ground quickly because there are no or few meaningful examples. That is certainly not the case with VBP. Thanks again.

-- John Hopson

"You get 1st prize for unbelievable fast response of this ... this has to be some kind of software development record. If you ever find yourself in [location removed] look me up and I'll buy you a well earned beer."

-- Mike McShaffry
Compulsive Development

"You easily have one of the best third party products that I routinely use during development."

-- Aaron Lukacsko
Avtron Mfg.

"I tell everyone who is interested, Visual Build is an absolute godsend and a pleasure to work with...I simply couldn't (or rather wouldn't want to...) imagine building without it!"

-- James Wright
FFastFill Europe Limited

"THANK YOU THANK TOU THANK YOU! I am very impressed with your support and the speed in which you replied to me. It is highly possible that the fact that you helped me out here has saved the project and maybe even my current job."

-- Shelly K.  

"We're really enjoying Visual Build Pro! I especially like the built-in scripting capabilities. I'm busy creating function libraries for our builds. I also like the custom fail steps. We create individual fail steps for each of our build steps, so particular programmers can be notified without spamming the entire development group. This has proven to be very popular here!"

-- Bryan Aho
e-talk Corporation

"Your tool is going to make things much easier around here. I have been tasked with creating a continuous build process and this tool does the job."

-- Eric Cadwell
Insight Enterprises, Inc.

"I have not regretted this purchase at all. Every time I work with it I can think of new things to do. I just wonder what I could do if I knew it even better yet! Great product and even better support! Keep it up."

-- Peter Schneider
Lexis Data Technologies, Inc.

"Given how intuitive the design is, in truth I probably had to reference the manual all of 3 or 4 times."

-- Mike Stefanik  

"Visual Build Pro is a great product, we currently build daily about 70 projects consisting of Visual Basic, C++, Visual Studio Installer and COM+. VisBuildPro works a treat, which has cut down our build and deployment time into QA from about two days to 2 hours."

-- Patrick Green
Sanford Limited

"Just thought I'd say thanks for a really terrific product. Visual Build has really improved my life, a lot more time to play golf and such. My manager looks at me like I'm God when I say that I can build and deploy his gargantuan business application in less than a day (it really only takes 15 minutes, hence the new-found golf time)."

-- Bill W.
AMN Healthcare

"Visual Build Pro is an indispensable tool that can do just about anything automatically...is a must-have tool for every S/W company with a build process in my opinion."

-- Moshe Samocha
OptiTex Ltd

"Our build process is now being used all the time - its truly amazing how much you can do with this tool. It is saving us so much time."

-- Vince Avery

"Visual Build has done wonders for our product development process. Before, we were using a number of different batch files that made the building process ugly and unscalable. Thank you!"

-- Chris Kast
Dantz Development Corp.

"I like the tool (Visual Build Professional); it's a great improvement in productivity over batch files, and it circumvents some of the quirks in VC++."

-- John Moulder
RTS Life Sciences

"I can't remember the last time I got excited about using a development tool! This tool is Good - very Good!!"

-- Bill Stevenson
Genetix Group plc

"I've been pretty impressed with Visual Build...and after being around as long as I have, it takes something to get my interest. You folks rank right up there in valuable tools based on original thinking."

-- Rod Ayers
LAN International

"You have an awesome piece of software. Nice help pages, easy to use, and extremely easy to implement your own build steps. I would go as far to say that this is the most useful build tool out there."

-- Andrew Greiner  

"I have been using Visual Build for a month now and I have to say that you have a fantastic product!! If only I had this product 5 years ago - life would have been so much easier! Keep up the good work."

-- Mike S.  

"I'm more than amazed at how fast you folks took care of this. It was totally unexpected and I appreciate it very much."

-- Jeffrey Bane
Technical Imagination

"It is rare to find a company that provides the level of service you've demonstrated."

-- Eric Hybner
FrontRange Solutions

"Visual Build is a great tool to automate release version builds!"

-- Erik Rehrmann
Franke & Siller Software GmbH

"I love this product! You guys obviously have put in a lot of effort in the design and implementation and it shows."

-- Wayne Jensen
Multiactive Software Inc.

"I am a contractor and I am recommending your product everywhere. It is a bit selfish because using it makes MY job easier. Regardless, it is and you should know it."

-- Mark Kamoski  

"Your software is great! We had been using KiXtart 95 to script our builds--needless to say, your software makes the process much easier."

-- Ron Prueter
Unitech Systems, Inc.

"Thank you for your dedicated support of my problem. I guess people weren't lying on your website and on newsgroups when they said your support is fantastic."

-- Martin Binder
Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc.

"Great product! I'm really impressed with its flexibility."

-- Avonelle Lovhaug  

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