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Editor Options

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The Editor tab of the Options dialog configures settings that are related to the Text/Rich Text editors available in the Item Details Pane.


Auto-save changes every __ minutes (0 to disable): This setting determines how often Rich Text is auto-saved (each save is undoable).


Default rich text editor font: Click the button to change the default font used by the Rich Text Editor.


Show item text for documents with no viewer: When checked, if a stored document that no viewer is configured for is selected (and its extension is not configured to be viewed externally) and Ultra Recall is able to parse the document for text, the parsed text will be displayed (read-only) in the Item Details pane.


Note: Available in Professional edition only.


Show combined text for multiple selection: When checked, if multiple items are selected in the Data Explorer or Search panes, the combined text for all selected items will be displayed (read-only) in the Rich Text Editor, with each item's text separated using the Separator text for appending/joining/combining/splitting setting.  If Include item titles is also checked, each item's title will be included (hyperlinked) in the combined text.


Note: Available in Professional edition only.


Create hyperlinks to files dropped on text editor: If checked, dragging file(s) from Explorer into the Rich Text Editor will create a hyperlink to that item.  If unchecked, the file contents will be stored as an object in the rich text.


Create internal link from Link/Move dialog with focus in Details pane: If checked, when focus is in the Item Details pane of a text item, the Link/Move/Copy dialog can be used to insert an internal link into the current item.


Handle Tab key in text editor when focused: If checked, pressing the Tab key in the Rich Text Editor inserts a tab character into the editor.  If unchecked, the Tab key moves focus to the next or previous pane.


File extensions to display in text editor: The content of files with these file extensions will edited in the Text Document Editor (other text documents will not be edited internally).


Text document editor font:  Click the button to change the font used by the Text Document Editor.


Auto-detect URLs when editing text files: When checked, URLs in the Text and Rich Text Editors function like hyperlinks.


Use syntax coloring editor for text files: If checked, a syntax coloring text editor will be used to edit imported plain text files.  This can be useful for editing source code files and snippets for languages such as C++, C, C#, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, XML, and Lua.  In addition to syntax coloring, the text editor also provides code folding, auto-completion (Ctrl+Space), bookmarks, line numbers, and more.