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Select Destination

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After any source specific settings are specified, the final Select Destination window will be displayed where you specify whether the imported Info Items are parented to the currently selected Info Item or the Imported Items Info Item.


Create Logically linked items for duplicate URLs: checking this box will prevent multiple Info Items for the same Info Item from be created during the import.  When checked Ultra Recall will use the following rules to prevent duplicate URLs:

if an Info Item with this URL value already exists* where the new Info Item will be created, the URL is skipped
if an Info Item exists at some other location for this URL*, a logically linked Info Item will be created at the new location
if a new logically linked Info Item at this location would be a recursive link, you will be prompted to stop or skip the URL (unless the Automatically skip unreachable URLs checkbox is checked, in which case it will skip it automatically)
if no Info Item exists with the specified URL*, a new Info Item will be created in the normal manner


Automatically skip unreachable URLs: if this option is not checked, the Import Error Notification dialog will be displayed when an unreachable URL is encountered during the import.  This dialog will not be displayed when this option is checked (and the URL will automatically be skipped for importing).


Save settings as: Saves all the current wizard settings under the name entered in this field, for use of these options again at a later time. Note: This feature is available in the Professional edition, and only when running in non-USB mode.


Note: the default value for both options is configured at Tools | Options | Import (more).


*Ultra Recall does a case-insensitive comparison of the imported URL and any existing URL attributes.  Ultra Recall also properly handles relative paths when comparing, but does not handle long versus short (DOS 8.3) paths.


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