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Logical Linking

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Traditional applications for organizing information use a strict outline type of linkage between different entities.  Windows Explorer allows you to create folders, which can contain files.  Email applications store each email in one folder (such as the Inbox).  Even Internet Explorer favorites or Netscape bookmarks are stored as individual bookmarks which reside in a single folder only.


The problem with this method of organization is that often information should be associated with more than one other piece of information.  Being limited to creating a folder structure for your organizational needs is very inflexible and makes storing and later recalling the information difficult.


Ultra Recall changes this completely with Logical Linking technology.  In Ultra Recall these restrictions are eliminated and you can link any Info Item to an unlimited number of logically related Info Items.  Any Information Item can be linked to multiple Info Items and can have multiple Info Items linked to it.


Logical Linking is accomplished in the Data Explorer Pane using either the menu, drag & drop or keyboard shortcuts.


When an Info Item is linked to more than one parent, it is considered to be multilinked.  Several indications are provided when this is the case:

Multiple parents will be displayed in the Item Parents Pane when that Info Item is selected
The icon for the Info Item will have the shortcut arrow symbol in the lower left corner (identical to a shortcut in Windows Explorer)


Note: Any child items of a logically linked item are also implicitly linked (the children are not displayed with a link icon since only the parent is explicitly linked).


In the image below, the Notes Info Item is multilinked to both the My Data Info Item and the Tasks Info Item.  The Item Parents Pane is displaying both parents (the bold parent indicates the current parent) and the Notes icon is indicating multilinking as well.




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