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Storing or linking to external objects

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Any Info Item can reference an external object (web page, local document or folder, Outlook email, contact, appointment, etc).  The linkage between an Info Item and the external object is through the URL attribute.


Any Info Item based on (or derived from) the Document template has a URL attribute that is always present, Info Items based on other templates can optionally have a URL attribute added to them.  When the URL attribute contains a valid url value, the Info Item references the specified external object.


Below are the steps to add an URL attribute to an existing Info Item:

1.ensure the Item Attributes pane is visible (on the Menu Bar - View | Other Windows | Item Attributes, from the keyboard - Ctrl+4) on an attribute in the Item Details pane, then either click Insert (keyboard) choose Edit | Insert (from the Menu Bar)
3.The Insert Item Attribute dialog is displayed.  Select (or type) URL in the name field, then click OK.
4.A new URL attribute is now displayed.  Enter the appropriate url value in the Value column.


Once a valid URL attribute is assigned to an Info Item, the item can be Synchronized with that external url.  If the Store Contents button of the Item Toolbar (also under Item on the Menu Bar) is depressed, then the actual external object is stored within the Ultra Recall Info Database.


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