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Editing Stored Documents Externally

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All Info Items can be edited outside of Ultra Recall.  When an Info Item containing stored content is edited externally, the document is saved in a temporary file and updated in Ultra Recall after being modified.  For each file type to be modified externally, add the file extension (.rtf for rich text items) to the File extensions to open stored documents writeable list on the Documents tab of the Options Dialog.


Click Item | Open Document on the menu, or Item | Show Explorer Menu -> Open With to begin external editing of a stored item.


The temporary document will be opened in its associated application (or the application specified for Open With). Rich Text items will be launched in the application associated with the .rtf extension (typically WordPad or Word). While an editor is available for Rich Text Info Items in Ultra Recall, external editing provides a way to use RTF features that the Ultra Recall rich text editor does not support.


After making changes to the temporary file in the external application, save the changes and/or exit the application.  The changes will automatically* be updated in Ultra Recall at the following times (Ultra Recall will check the modified date of the temporary file copy at the following times and update the stored contents in Ultra Recall if it has changed):

1.If the item is edited internally again by clicking Click here to resume internal editing in the Detail pane or Item | Edit Internally on the menu.
2.When the item is saved via File | Save (Ctrl+S default shortcut) or is auto-saved.
3.Navigating to a different Info Item in a Selection Pane.
4.When selecting Tools | Save All External Documents on the menu bar (changes to all externally modified files are updated in Ultra Recall).
5.Closing a database or exiting Ultra Recall.


Note: All temporary files created by Ultra Recall are automatically deleted when Ultra Recall exits.


* Ultra Recall will first prompt the user when this update occurs depending on the setting of the Prompt before updating from local copy of stored document checkbox on the Document tab of the user options.


Warning: "Temporary file cleaner" applications can interfere with editing of stored content if the created temporary files are deleted before Ultra Recall persists the changes back to the related Info Item.  These temporary files must not be deleted while Ultra Recall is running, or you could lose any editing you have done on them.  It is recommended that these type of applications be configured to only delete temporary files at Windows startup to prevent this type of conflict.


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